Upcoming Events

Easter 2019 – (April 20th Saturday 6:00 pm)

  • 6:00 pm – Evening Prayer
  • 6:45 pm – Easter Service and Holy Qurbana

Passion Week 2019

Maundy Thursday – April 17th (Wednesday)


Choir is an integral part of the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Mass (Holy Qurbano). The mission of church choir is to lead the congregation through melodious songs and accurate on time responses throughout the mass.

Choir leader: Mr. Sajan Narekkat

Key board: Mr. Lalson Mathews

Singers :
Mr. Allwyn Mathews
Mr. Sleeba Paulose
Mrs. Jogi Kuruvilla
Mrs. Reena Lalson
Mrs. Bindu Bose
Mrs. Linda Alex
Ms. Maria Eldo
Ms. Merlin Jolly
Ms. Swetha Jinson
Ms. Amala Anna Kuruvilla
Ms. Jovita Thomas
Ms. Neha Johns
Ms. Alna Mathew
Ms. Angel Saju

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