Vanitha Samajam

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Vanitha Samajam has a very significant role in our church.

Main mission: To organise prayer groups involving all the women’s of the parish, sing hymns and pray to GOD for their needs and the needs of the church and community similar to the intercession of Holy and Ever Virgin Saint Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ.

Extending a helping hand to poor and needy women of the church and our community is also a key mission of Saint Mary Women’s Association.
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Vanitha Samajam Committee

President & Vicar: Rev. Fr. Bijo Varghese
Vice President: Mrs. Jiji Kuriakose
Secretary: Mrs. Minta Thomas
Treasurer: Mrs. Shija Mathew
Joint Secretary: Mrs. Minimol Jolly (Ex Officio)
Joint Treasurer: Mrs. Smitha Elias
Committee members:
1) Mrs. Simi Varghese
2) Mrs. Tina Thomas
3) Mrs. Sini K Varghese
4) Mrs. Beena Benny
5) Mrs. Femy Varghese

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