Charity Fundraisers

Helping the deserving has been one of the main goals of the church.


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October: Collecting donations to Support Pink Ribbon Month (Supporting Breast Cancer) in Australia
September: Supported 9-year-old boy with hearing loss needing financial support to implant BAHA attract .
September: Supported a 15-year-old girl who is a kidney patient.
August: Supported a 21-year-old lady who is a cancer patient (St Marys Family Unit).
August: Supported a 61-year-old patient suffering from vocal cord cancer.
July: Supported 13 & 15-year-old boys suffering from Mitochondrial Cytopathy / Dystonia.
July: Donated a Portable Oxygen Concentrators to India for COVID care (Youth Association).
June: Supported a patient with chronic kidney disease for dialysis.
June: Supported a paralysis patient due to compression fracture (Women’s Association).
May: Supported the family of a patient with breast cancer.
January: Supported two students with expenses for their education (Men’s and Youth Association).


March: Supported a paralysis patient (Women’s Association).
January: Supported Australian Red Cross for Australian bush fire disaster.


​December: Supported a kidney disease patient and a stroke patient for medicine.
November: Supported a person with meeting expenses for house rebuilding.
​October: Supported a person who is mentally challenged, homeless, and in financial crisis.
​September: Supported a cerebral hemorrhage patient for medicine and a patient for kidney transplant & dialysis.
August: Supported a bonemarrow cancer patient and a brain tumor patient for their treatment.
July: supported a brain tumor patient and a patient with kidney failure for dialysis.
June: Supported a paralyzed patient and a blind and deaf baby.
May: Supported a cancer patient and a severe traumatic head injury patient.
​April: Supported Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne with Good Friday Appeal.
​March: Supported a family in financial crisis for marriage.
February: Supported a patient for end-stage renal disease (dialysis expense).


​December: Supported a paralysed person to meet expenses for medicine.
​November: Supported a cancer patient meet expenses for medicine.
​October: Provided livelihood support to seventeen families affected by the Kerala floods. Click here for more info.
July: Supported a kid’s funeral.

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