Charity Fundraisers

Helping the deserving has been one of the main goals of the church.

How are charity funds collected and disbursed?

The majority of charity fund donations are made by the members of the Church. Every month a charity is announced for a recipient and the funds collected throughout the month are disbursed in the following month with capping applied where necessary. Some funds are saved to support additional emergency charity requirements that may arise from time to time.

The charity subcommittee looks after the whole process and the funds are usually distributed between Australia and India in a ratio of 40:60; where charity collection for 4 months of a year are used to contribute to the Australian charity recipients.

Australia – since individual charity applicants are extremely rare in Australia and almost all of them get government support, the funds are contributed to the following organisations in the following 4 months.
a. October >> Pink Ribbon Month (Breast Cancer) >> this is the month of Church Consecration
b. December >> Men’s Health (Prostate Cancer) >> this is Christmas month (in lieu of prostate cancer awareness in September)
c. April >> Royal Children Hospital Melbourne >> Good Friday Appeal, the Church used to do this in the previous years
d. June >> Vision Australia >> provides services for people with blindness and low vision.

India – since the Church gets many applications from individuals in India, these are attended to during the other 8 months of the year. Collections are capped at $1000 and given to each applicant (Charity Subcommittee selects the applications on a need & urgency basis). Applications are required to be sent directly to the Church to be considered.

In addition to this, the spiritual organizations of the Church organizes charity fund drives with a specific purpose. The funds collected for charity are fully distributed to the beneficiaries without deducting any transaction charges.

The Church website will be updated from time to time with the completed charity applications. We seek your help to support those who are in need.

Donate now.


Donate now.
February: Donate to support a 19 year old student diagonised with Moderate Sized Posterior Muscular VSD.
January: Donated to support a cancer patient.


December: Supported Mens Health, specifically for Prostrate Cancer Research
November: Supported a priest who is suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy.
October: Supported Pink Ribbon Month (Supporting Breast Cancer) in Australia
September: Supported 9-year-old boy with hearing loss needing financial support to implant BAHA attract.
September: Supported a 15-year-old girl who is a kidney patient.
August: Supported a 21-year-old lady who is a cancer patient (St Marys Family Unit).
August: Supported a 61-year-old patient suffering from vocal cord cancer.
July: Supported 13 & 15-year-old boys suffering from Mitochondrial Cytopathy / Dystonia.
July: Donated a Portable Oxygen Concentrators to India for COVID care (Youth Association).
June: Supported a patient with chronic kidney disease for dialysis.
June: Supported a paralysis patient due to compression fracture (Women’s Association).
May: Supported the family of a patient with breast cancer.
January: Supported two students with expenses for their education (Men’s and Youth Association).


March: Supported a paralysis patient (Women’s Association).
January: Supported Australian Red Cross for Australian bush fire disaster.


​December: Supported a kidney disease patient and a stroke patient for medicine.
November: Supported a person with meeting expenses for house rebuilding.
​October: Supported a person who is mentally challenged, homeless, and in financial crisis.
​September: Supported a cerebral hemorrhage patient for medicine and a patient for kidney transplant & dialysis.
August: Supported a bonemarrow cancer patient and a brain tumor patient for their treatment.
July: supported a brain tumor patient and a patient with kidney failure for dialysis.
June: Supported a paralyzed patient and a blind and deaf baby.
May: Supported a cancer patient and a severe traumatic head injury patient.
​April: Supported Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne with Good Friday Appeal.
​March: Supported a family in financial crisis for marriage.
February: Supported a patient for end-stage renal disease (dialysis expense).


​December: Supported a paralysed person to meet expenses for medicine.
​November: Supported a cancer patient meet expenses for medicine.
​October: Provided livelihood support to seventeen families affected by the Kerala floods through a massive charity drive that collected over $20,000.
July: Supported a kid’s funeral.

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