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St. George Jacobite Church Carols 2017

  • 02 December 2017 : St. Mary’s  Family Unit.
  • 09 December 2017: St. Basil Family Unit.
  • 16 December…

    2017 New Year Service

    New Year Service: 31 December 2017

    2017 Christmas Service

    Christmas Service: 24th December 2017


    Eldho Noyambu

    Eldho Noyambu: 1st December to 25th December


St. George Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, 419 Centre Dandenong Road, Heatherton, VIC 3202, Melbourne Australia

In the year 2006, faithful Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Christians who had migrated to Melbourne, Australia from different parts of the world decided to form a congregation “St George Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church”, to serve the Lord in the traditional Orthodox faith and to keep this faith going into the future generations under the leadership & support of H.G. Dr. Kuriakose Mor Theophilose Metropolitan, H. E. Mor Malatius Malki Maki, Syrian Orthodox Arch bishop in Australia.

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We welcome you to visit the church and join us in worship services. Our mass is celebrated according to the ancient traditions of the Syrian Orthodox Church in Malayalam-Syriac-English languages.

Worship Times

# Every Sunday

Morning prayers: 8.45 am

Holy Qurbano: 9.30 am

# Every Saturday

Evening prayer: 6 pm

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