Multi-Purpose Community Centre (MPCC)

Project Description

The construction of a Multi-Purpose Community Centre (MPCC) for the St George Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Community in Heatherton will provide the crucial hub for Malyali Jacobite Christian migrants to connect, share and learn together. The MPCC will also be used as a venue for the Malayali community to celebrate and share their traditions with the wider community, promoting social cohesion and economic stimulus. The facilities of the MPCC will also be extended to the Heatherton community and the City of Kingston for events.

Project Stages

Stage 1: Initiation – Complete
Stage 2: Design – Complete
Stage 3: Permits – Complete
Stage 4: Request For Quotation – Complete
Stage 5: Tender & Contract – Complete
Stage 6: Construction – In Progress (due December 2021)

Project Funding

Project Budget: $1,205,000 (exc GST)
Multicultural Community Infrastructure Fund: $500,000 (exc GST)
Church Members & Loan: $775,500

Architect: Peter Brown Architects

Builder: Kingdom Constructions Group

Pre-Construction Site

Multi-Purpose Community Centre – Artistic Impressions

Site Preparation

Building Contract Signing


Work in Progress 1 on 10th Sep 2021

Work in Progress 2 as on 17th Sep 2021

Work in Progress 3 as on 8th Oct 2021 – In-ground works completed

Work in Progress 4 as on 6th Dec 2021 – Foundation works

Work in Progress 5 as on 8th Dec 2021 – Foundation works

Work in Progress 5 as on 12th Dec 2021 – Foundation works

Work in Progress 6 as on 17th Dec 2021 – Foundation works

Work in Progress 7 as on 5th Feb 2022 – Structure works

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