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Family Units

Family Units are one of the important spiritual activities running under our church. Currently there are four family units that are made up of church members belonging to each geographical area such as St. Basil (Nort-West), St. Ignatius (North), St. Marys (East) and St. George (South-East).

The main mission of family units of the church is to support and strengthen the members and their families by bringing them closer to the Parish. The main activities of family units are monthly prayer meetings conducted in the house of a member, family unit anniversary etc

The activities of family units are managed by respective committees.

St. Basil Family Unit

Convener : Mr. Varghese Paul
Treasurer : Mr. Libi Varghese

Mr. Issac John
Mr. Biju Cherian
Mr. Anu Anna

St. Igantius Family Unit

Convener : Mrs. Femy Jacob
Treasurer : Mrs. Thushara Binu

Mr. Prince Mathew
Mr. Jibu Paul
Mr. Allwyn Mathews

St. Marys Family Unit

Convener : Mr. Babu Paul
Treasurer : Mr. Jacob George

Mr. Mathew Daniel
Mr. Nisha Babu
Mr. Pramod Paul

St. George Family Unit

Convener : Mr. Sunil Kurian
Treasurer : Mr. Jinu Paul

Mrs. Bindu Bose
Mr. Eldo V Paul
Mrs. Nisha Varghese
Mr. Sajan Narekat

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